Korea — the country of speed

Korea — the country of speed

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Lacking natural and geographical sources Korea made its best out of investing into promotion its culture and human resource management. Every korean student and office worker has a strong mindset of working hard than anyone else and using inferiority to motivate oneself to achieve 1st place. This part of culture can be seen through anywhere: at school, at work, at cultural events and sports. Anyone who has lived in Korea for a while knows ‘first come first served’ is a common way to get almost everything from subjects at university to concert tickets for your favorite artist. That is why as a foreigner it is vital to know tips and get prepared for such events in advance.

About is ticketing

Many foreigners get confused when hear about ticketing process. Even making vaccination appointment or booking flights can become stressful. So here we gathered the most important tips for registering and ticketing. The first tip is getting a stable network connection. This can be your home wifi but we rather suggest going to PC club to have faster connection and to set the best concentration on the process. Next step is going to navyism.com and copy pasting website link where you are going to do ticketing. This allows to know exact time on the website at hit the button at precise second. Every second counts so the best tip is coming to PC club one hour earlier and preparing registration account, putting your address and personal information. Also, sometimes website can crush or go slow so entering earlier and constantly updating website before ticketing time is important.

Course registration

Korea has a studious image but even if you are not that ideal student, you still have to fight for getting a spot on university courses. Even back in 1970s when there were no websites for course registration, students lined up next to professors office to register on first come first served basis. These days students create their schedule themselves through university website which has advantages at one point and disadvantage on another side. Every professor wants to have a smaller size class, so despite having a batch of 100 people in one major there is only 30-40 spots for each mandatory class. Seniors have superiority chance so they register first, and as it goes down to freshmen there might be no spots left in the class. Be prepared that each university has their own rules about registration, and while some websites allow to open several tabs and windows, some universities might forbid it. Going to PC club is a must during course registration since the chances of success are higher there. The PC club price ranges from $2-4 per hour so it is very affordable to stay there couple hours.

Concert ticketing

Concert ticketing in Korea

Almost every foreigner had a dream of going to concert of their favorite artist in Korea. However, not only foreigners but also skilled koreans want to visits concerts and plays. Especially, when it gets to popular groups and artists such as BTS, Twice, Seventeen, getting a ticket is a luck or a hard effort because tickets get all sold-out within minutes. First thing to know about ticketing is whether your artist has a fanship. Fan subscription can bring you benefits such as pre-sale ticketing but you have to verify fanship one week borefore pre-sale through your ID card.

Usually you are allowed to buy only 1 ticket per person. Next tip is getting familiar with ticketing website. There are several main ticketing websites you should know: Yes24, Interpark, Melon ticket. Before the start of the ticketing be sure to fill all personal data so that the filling does not take your time during ticketing. If you do not fill payment and shipping information within 1-2 minutes you may lose the chance of purchasing the ticket.


Even shopping can become a competition in Korea, especially, if it involves collaboration with popular actors or idols. In case of shopping online the procedure goes the same with course registration or concert ticketing. Knowing the exact date of sale and pre-filling personal information would save the time during actual purchase. However, with physical shopping or pop-up store you have to go to selling place and stand in line for hours. Sometimes it goes as far as waiting from early morning whole day. That is how passionate are people in Korea! Some people set a tent and bring food, necessities because waiting in line can last 6-15 hours. If there is a new iphone coming out or a new collection of famous brand (Valentino, Louis Vitton etc.) it is better to make prereservation online and as early as possible. Queue for new apple items can be several months ahead.

Cultural events

Getting into cultural events such as templestay, a tour or theatre is the same procedure as concert ticketing. Also, sometimes there are free opportunities to attend them, which are also first come first served. Following cultural websites and communities on instagram (Seoulcity, Seoulglobalcenter, KTO etc) is the best option at keeping up with newest information about such events. Another tip would be using PC or laptop instead of phone and quickly responding to opportunities as you see them. Free things are loved by everyone so be prepared to compete!

Ticketing practice

If a huge luck is not your forte constant practice is a key in succeeding ticketing. Concentration and attention is not a talent but a skill that one can learn while playing games. That is why many koreans love playing mobile or pc games. There are even specific practice games for concert ticketing at googoofun. If you are still struggling with ticketing on your own it is good to bring skillful friends or pay ‘deari’. Deari is a name for people who are good at ticketing and give their services for such occasions. Depending on the event and competition deari can cost from $30-400.

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