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Pursuing an education abroad provides photographers with the opportunity to be competitive in the international job market while gaining insight into the latest trends and styles from industry professionals. Studying photography abroad includes hands-on internships, practical application of learned knowledge, the creation of a contemporary portfolio, and the acquisition of a globally recognized diploma. To enhance your career prospects and acquire current industry skills, selecting the right university is essential. Here, we highlight some of the best international universities for aspiring photographers.

What opportunities can studying photography abroad provide?

International Careers

Educational programs at overseas higher education institutions are meticulously designed to align with global trends and market needs. The comprehensive knowledge acquired through these programs assists students in establishing a successful international career.

Practical Experience

During their studies, students undertake projects for international companies, allowing them to apply classroom theory to real-world situations. Through these internships, you’ll learn how to professionally engage with clients, efficiently manage the photography process, and present your work effectively.

Collaborations with Renowned Companies

Foreign universities that offer photography programs frequently partner with acclaimed brands, publishing houses, and galleries. For instance, a university may arrange internships with prestigious names like Vogue and Condé Nast. These opportunities give you the chance to gain industry experience during your studies, ensuring that by the time you graduate, you’ve built a solid portfolio and established valuable industry connections.

Studying Photography Abroad: Top Universities


Istituto Marangoni

Istituto Marangoni- study in Italy with Univibes

One of the most famous universities of design, fashion and art, famous for its distinguished teachers and graduates. The university is one of the best in Italy, and in the QS world ranking it ranks 101st among fashion and art universities.

The emphasis here is on practicing and teaching students photography in current market conditions. Students develop projects, build portfolios, and visit exhibitions and shows. In addition, the university provides internship opportunities at Italian fashion brands like Etro, Versace, and Zadig&Voltaire.

Instituto Marangoni trains bachelors and masters, offers one-year intensive and preparatory programs, short courses. The bachelor’s programs last 3 years and the master’s programs last 8 months.

All campuses of the university teach in English, and in Milan and Florence you can choose programs in Italian.

Application documents:

Application forms, letters of motivation, a copy of school reports, IELTS 6.0 for undergraduate and 6.5 for graduate programs, entrance test, portfolio and essay.

The cost of the bachelor’s program depends on the university campus and varies from 21,600 to 28,400 euros. For the Master’s program it ranges from 30,000 to 37,000 euros. Marangoni University provides a grant of 5000 euros and a 50% discount for the first year of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (New Academy of Fine Arts)

Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti- study in Italy with Univibes

NABA is the largest private art university in Milan, providing programs in design, fashion, digital production, media and multimedia, and visual arts. The university is ranked 51st by QS in the design program

Students can work on their own projects in graphics, photography, video editing, sewing clothes and shoes in special workshops. They have internships at famous brands: Valentino, Missoni, Gucci, Versace, Kenzo and others.

The university offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, annual preparatory programs, and short summer courses. The Bachelor’s program lasts 3 years, the Master’s program lasts 2 years.

The courses are taught in both English and Italian.

For admission to undergraduate programs you need a school certificate, GPA, motivation letter, passing the entrance test, portfolio, for the master’s program additionally resume.

The bachelor’s and master’s programs cost 18,600 euros per year. The university offers full tuition scholarships for the first year of the Master’s program and a grant of up to 5000 euros.


Students can study photography in France in photography schools. Studying at the bachelor’s level lasts 4 years, at the master’s level 1 year. Diploma programs last about 5-7 months.

Parsons Paris School of Art & Design

Parsons Paris School of Art & Design- study abroad with Univibes

Parsons Paris is one of the best design schools in Paris. The university is ranked third in the QS world ranking of art schools. The school is known for its high level of education in undergraduate programs in art and design. The programs are based on the American educational system.

The duration of the Photography program is 4 years. For admission you need: a motivational letter, a school certificate, a portfolio, and a mandatory interview.

Tuition: $25,950 per semester.


University of Arts London - study abroad with Univibes

In England, you can study photography at more than fifty universities, but the best of them is considered the London University of Art.

The University of the Arts London is made up of six world-renowned colleges that teach a large number of subjects and disciplines, such as illustration, photography, ceramics, architecture and sculpture.

UAL is ranked 161st among art universities in the QS world ranking. The university offers undergraduate and graduate studies in photography. Entrance requirements include: high school diploma, letters of motivation and recommendation, portfolio.

Tuition: £22,920 for undergraduate and £20,110 for graduate degrees.

Charting Your Global Photography Career: Let Univibes Guide You 

Studying photography abroad does more than provide fundamental knowledge and a globally respected diploma. It creates a pathway for you to establish an international career with leading companies. 

If you’re set on enrolling in a foreign university to pursue photography but uncertain about where to begin, Univibes advisors are ready to assist you. They’ll guide you through the admissions process and evaluate the strength of your application. To understand your prospects for admission and the required documents, simply submit a request on our website. This could be your first step towards a rewarding international career in photography.

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