Studying in the United States: The Fulbright Program

Study in the USA

The United States houses some of the world’s top universities and offers a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation. However, studying in the U.S. can be quite expensive, particularly in fields like business administration and marketing. For ambitious and talented students, the Fulbright grant program provides a pathway to graduate study in the U.S. This article covers details about the program and its application process.

  1. For whom
  2. What the grant covers
  3. Documents Required
  4. Fields of study and choice of universities
  5. Competition and deadlines
  6. How to get a grant: What you need to succeed

For whom

Everyone knows that this scholarship program provides very generous support for those who wish to study for a master’s degree. However, please note that the program also has competitions for English teachers, for graduate students, for university professors, and for scholars in the humanities. Read more on the program’s official website.

Applicants to the graduate program must be graduating or in their final year of study. Those who are already in their first year of master study are also eligible to apply. Preference in this subprogram is given to those who graduated no earlier than 2020 and do not have a master’s degree.

What the grant covers

The Fulbright grant covers almost all the expenses that may be incurred by those who planning to study in the United States, such as the cost of taking the international English exam, and you will not have to pay application fees to universities. The grant will cover your tuition, round-trip airfare, insurance, and a monthly stipend for living expenses. It is worth mentioning that returning home after training for at least two years is a prerequisite. In other words, this grant is definitely not suitable for immigration.

Required Documents

The Fulbright scholarship

To participate in the program, you need to collect a simple package of documents until July 6 (For UAE students). Attention! Deadlines may vary, check the information on the program website. Important points for the application: Firstly, consent to data processing, the original of which should be sent to the program office in your country – otherwise the application will be incomplete.

Secondly, you need to prepare three letters of recommendation! You must be very careful in writing both letters of recommendation and your motivation letter and study plan. Recommendation letters are best printed on the official letterhead of the issuing organization, with a signature and seal at the end of the letter. One of the letters should be requested from a university professor, preferably your academic advisor, since he or she is the one who knows your abilities in the field of science. Another letter can be requested from a current or former employer if you have some work experience.

You will be surprised, but you do not need to have a certificate of language proficiency to participate in the competition. If you pass the first round, the cost of passing the international exam is covered by the program! Of course, this is a big plus. However, you should understand that the decision on the application will be made solely on the basis of your grades, motivation and recommendations, so these documents must be perfect.

Another document is a CV, which must be written using the template provided on the program website.

Areas of studies and choice of universities

According to the rules of the program, the universities you specify in the online application are only your preferences; in fact, you may be sent to a completely different institution. The full list of competitive disciplines can be found here, but in general there are many areas, ranging from anthropology and history to theater and dance. Separate conditions for three areas of study:

  • Jurisprudence is open only to LLMs
  • Medicine is open only to graduate students for research
  • Film Studies is available only in areas of theory, film history, and film criticism.

Contest and deadlines

You can start filling out the application form on February. 

First, you need to send the original data processing consent. Set aside time in advance

Lists of those who passed the first round of the competition will be available in summer.

The second round of the competition is the English language test. Since you have no more than a month to prepare, make sure you do it well in advance – touch up the language and study the exam structure

The next step is to pass the interview in English. If all goes well, you will be on the list of semifinalists, which means you are very close to the dream.

The third round – passing the international exams (TOEFL, GRE (if necessary)). After that, based on your scores, the process of your placement and admission to U.S. universities will begin. You no longer have to fill out additional forms and pay application fees to the universities – the program takes care of all this.

Getting a Grant: The Key to Success

The allure of the Fulbright grant program’s benefits attracts thousands of applications annually, yet only about 10% of applicants are successful. So, who are the lucky ones?

1. Timeliness and Accuracy: The first key to success lies in submitting all application materials accurately and on time. A revolutionary project proposal is futile if the application is disqualified due to paperwork inaccuracies or missed deadlines.

2. Stellar Writing: The next key to success hinges on your writing abilities. Exceptional essays and letters are crucial. Your application should clearly convey your interest in the field and highlight your past achievements. The study plan should demonstrate how studying in the U.S. will allow you to delve deeper into your chosen issue. It’s also beneficial to mention any American scholars whose work aligns with your interests.

3. Advanced Preparation: It’s advisable to start prepping your application well in advance. Engaging in volunteer work, producing scientific publications, or gaining relevant work experience can enhance your profile. While these activities are not explicitly listed as prerequisites, they can undoubtedly strengthen your application.

Need Help Studying in the USA?

To gauge your chances of securing admission and a scholarship, you can request an online consultation with our manager free of charge. With Univibes, you can be assured of meeting all deadlines, and your application package will be prepared as competently as possible. Reach out to us and take one step closer to realizing your dream of studying in the U.S.!

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