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Pursuing an education in Italy comes with numerous advantages, not the least of which are high-quality training, the choice of instruction in English or Italian, affordable tuition fees, and the possibility of obtaining scholarships such as the DSU. The charm of Italy, underscored by its delicious food and striking architecture, is often a decisive factor for many students.

  1. University of Bologna
  2. Sapienza University of Rome
  3. University of Turin
  4. Politecnico di Milano

The DSU scholarship, along with its regional counterparts, can potentially cover up to 100% of tuition fees. As such, the maximum annual tuition fee we present below can vary individually, depending on the student’s family income.

Certain programs in Italian universities particularly attract international students. These popular fields of study encompass fashion and design, medicine, classical and ancient history, architecture, and culinary arts. The appeal of these fields lies in their strong roots in Italy’s culture and industry. As a student in Italy, you have the unique opportunity to learn from distinguished professionals in these sectors, positioning yourself to potentially join notable companies upon graduation. Let’s delve a little deeper into these specializations at various universities.

University of Bologna

The university helps graduates with job searches, resume writing and interview preparation, as well as networking with potential employers. In addition, you can win many grants during and after your studies. It is also the oldest active university in the world.

Medical and Surgical Training Program

Study medicine in Italy

To study medicine in Italy, you need to know Italian. At least even if you start your studies in English, by the third year, when you start practicing with patients, you need to speak Italian well. The final exam is also in the national language. You also have to pass the IMAT exam to get in.

There is a scholarship. You can get an ERGO, a study grant of €11,000 and a tuition fee waiver.

Applications run from April to July, with IMAT registration at the beginning of July. It’s best to apply early. Proceed in order to apply for your visa in time and to leave for your studies.

Tuition costs up to €3,407 per year.

Sapienza University of Rome

Sapienza University of Rome- study in Italy with Univibes

Sapienza University is one of the oldest universities in the world. Here you can get a very prestigious education in Italy. The university also promotes international research through specialized programs such as Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, ERC.

Architecture – Urban Renovation Program

It is necessary to confirm the level of English from B2. For example, with IELTS certificates from 6.0 or TOEFL from 80.

There is a scholarship of € 1 295 per month (in the form of an internship of 150 hours of 2-4 hours per day). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation offers a scholarship, but only for those who study in Italian. The amount is € 900 per month.

Application to the university until July 29. But if you want to study with a scholarship, you must have until June 9.

The cost is up to € 2,912 per year.

University of Turin

University of Turin-study in Italy with Univibes

The University of Turin is one of the most prestigious Italian universities and also one of the largest.

Cultural Heritage and Creativity for Tourism and Spatial Development Program (Historical Sciences)

There is a scholarship. Total amount € 20,000, including expenses incurred by the beneficiary.

Deadline: submission of documents for admission: from March 21 to June 21. Until May 2 for studies with a scholarship.

Tuition costs up to € 2,940 per year.

Politecnico di Milano

Study in Italy with Univibes

It is the largest technical university in Italy and regularly appears in various world rankings. POLIMI is one of the best universities in the world in the arts and humanities, engineering and technology. If you are interested in studying design abroad, Politecnico di Milano is one of the best options.

Design for Fashion System program

A portfolio and an English language certificate (e.g., IELTS of 5.5 or higher) must be submitted by June 23.

It is possible to get a scholarship. For example DSU, Merit based, maximum amount €7,000 per year, depends on ISEE.

The deadline is March 3, and the scholarship application must be submitted by August 10.

Tuition costs up to €3,891 per year.

Interior and Spatial Design Program

The same as for the previous program, you need to provide a creative portfolio, a language certificate. For example, IELTS at least 6.0 or similar.

Scholarship available: either one of the three types of internal Merit-based scholarships  or DSU.

Deadline is March 8. Deadlines for scholarships: 1st option with program application, second option in July-August.

Tuition: without applying for a scholarship maximum €3,891 1st year, €1,500 2nd year.

Realizing Your Dream: Higher Education in Italy and Beyond 

In each of these universities, you can pursue a highly-valued degree, supported by potential financial aid. The keys to success are submitting well-prepared application documents and presenting a compelling profile to the admissions committee.

Our advisors at Univibes are here to help you navigate this process, whether you’re considering studying in Italy or elsewhere. We assist with program selection, document preparation, and crafting of persuasive motivation and recommendation letters. Remember, with a dedicated and professional approach, an education in Italy – or any other dream destination – can transform from an aspiration into your reality!

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